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Where would you be today, if you hadn't had the chance to go to school?
Change a life through an inventive and fun initiative

Donations instead of gifts

Use your birthday, a wedding, your gradutation, or other events to raise funds!

Organize an event

Set a fundraising goal for your next apero, party, movie night, or dinner!

Get sporty

hike, run, play a tennis match, go for long expedition - and link the challenge to a fundraising goal and thus inspire your friends!

Group fundraising

Fundraise with your school, your buddies from work, or your group of cool friends!

Create a fundraising campaign and start raising funds in 3 easy steps

1. Sign up

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2. Create your personalized fundraising campaign page

Get creative and inspire people to donate! Why not organize an awesome party, do a challenging sport event or ask for donations instead of a birthday gift?

3. Spread the word


Aiducation International is a nonprofit organisation through which philanthropic sponsors can place donations and sponsor children. Aiducation International provides scholarships for financially disadvantaged children in Kenya, Africa, and the Philippines, and allows philanthropic investors a highly effective mean of social impact investing. Similar to a foundation, your donations are tax exempt in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, the US. If you donate and support an orphan, semi-orphan, a boy or girl through a scholarship, you'll drive positive change and impact not only for the individual, but for the society and community as a whole.
Our viral fundraising platform aiduaction.org links charitable causes with a multitude of potential donors through campaigns. These campaigns can be centered around events (sports events, excursions), birthdays and gifts or gift replacements, and festivities like Christmas, Eastern, or special dinners.
We thank you for your charitable donation and for promoting the campaigns.